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09 Oct

7 Keys to Influencer Marketing Success

Most everyone knows what an influencer is. It used to be a title given mostly to athletes and celebrities, such as actors as they were recognizable faces. People that we trusted or at least liked enough to give ear when they were seen on TV selling a product, services, etc.

With the introduction of social media, it didn’t take long before those who might have typically had zero following have been able to get their voice heard. For better or worse. Examples of these are Bloggers, Gurus, Insiders, Journalists, Icons, Travelers, Youtubers, Comedians and many more.

1. Influencer Marketing is Easy

Ok, it’s not easier than making toast. It does actually take work, but it is probably easier than you think. The first step is to get past the mental stumbling block that tells you this has to be difficult. If you put in the time, follow the correct steps and dare to reach out, you can become an expert at influencer marketing in no time.

2. Think Small to Get Big

think small marketing

Sure it would be great if Oprah Winfrey mentioned your product to her 39 million followers on tweeter, but you probably can’t afford that. While that could instantly propel you into an uber-successful hemisphere, you might be surprised to learn that there are literally thousands of relatively unknown (to you) Influencers on Twitter that have a million or more followers. There is no rule that you have to use one influencer at a time. Contact several of them. Reach out. If the price is right, most of them will be happy to work together.

3. Think Even Smaller

The great thing about influencers is that they come in all shapes and sizes. While those that have millions of followers may demand some decent coin to publicize or review or talk about your product, there are loads of smaller Influencers who are dreaming of making money as an Influencer. Here are some examples from our site:

Cassandra Sheryl Lee, Model

Casey Johnson, Model

Deliciously Ella, Blogger

Tricia Gosingtian, Blogger

Mackenzie McKee, Fitness Guru

4. Have a plan

Your plan doesn’t need to be perfect, but you should at least figure out how you hope to begin the conversation with the prospective influencer. It could be as simple as offering them compensation for posting a positive review of your product. But that won’t be the best method for all  influencers. Maybe they don’t want to do an obvious “plug for an advertiser.” They are influencers because they know what their audience likes. Let them think about how to market your product in a more subtle way if they like. Feel free to bring some ideas to the table, but it would be wise to stress that you want them to help come up with the plan. This get’s them involved and more on board.

influencer marketing

5. Make Contact with the Influencers

Once you’ve figured out which influencers might be a good fit for you based on their content, type of followers, number of followers and even location, just reach out to them already. Most of them have a website or even an email by which you can reach out to them for marketing proposals. If that isn’t easy to find, send them a message via Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, or instagram. Start the conversation.

6. Tracking, Tracking and More Tracking

Tracking success is so easy to do, it would be ridiculous not to. Exact tracking of marketing efforts used to be very difficult if not impossible. Not today.  With Facebook ads, google adwords, twitter ads, and even smaller companies such as or Heap, there are more and more ways to track and see exactly how to know with certainty whether your efforts have been working or not. If you have any reservation or worry about getting started with tracking, drop us a note and our experts would be happy to help out.

7. Distribution

Once you’ve made contact with an influencer, make sure to tap into all of their social media resources. Not all of their followers will be the same on each social media platform. Also, their posts and tweets will not automatically be seen by all followers. If possible, set up a series of posts over multiple platforms.